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 Chemical Approval

Through the Chemical Approval feature Chemdoc can offer you the following:


  • Fully visible online request feature for new chemical introduction.
  • Review of chemicals against EU lists to identify any substances banned or restricted.
  • Occupational health review section.
  • EHS Approval section.
  • Fully automated email distribution to those involved.

The ability to have a request form live on Chemdoc, allows you to quickly and easily fill out a request form. Once a request is submitted it is routed to Chemdoc for review.

 Chemdoc will check if any substances are present that are banned in the EU or that may be banned in the future (Substances of Very High Concern). By identifying this early on you can look for alternative products, or put necessary controls in place if the chemical is essential to the continued business on site.

 Chemdoc can review the chemical against other criteria such as it the SDS compliant with current EU law, or does it have certain hazards you do not want on site, or may need great controls around.

The occupational health review section, allows the chemical to be assessed by on site medical professionals giving you peace of mind on the chemicals safe use on site.

The EHS approval section , gives the ability to on site professional to review the summary from Chemdoc and Occ Health which allows for an informed decision on the introduction of a chemical to site.


If you are interested on this feature, please contact a member of the Chemdoc support team at

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