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Chemical Risk Assessment Sign Off (CARA / COSHH)

Allows users to create risk assessments and record who reads them once published to Chemdoc

In the days before Chemdoc, organisations would document the fact that their staff had read and understood chemical risk assessments by asking them to sign and date printed copies of the assessments used in their departments.

The new Risk Assessment Sign Off Module in Chemdoc replaces the need to print hard copies of assessments and request users sign them manually by giving the user the ability to confirm their reading and understanding of the document through the online application.

User setup

All user access to chemical risk assessments on Chemdoc is managed at department level. Users have traditionally been setup so that they can view and/or create chemical risk assessments depending on the department or departments they have access to.

This new module adds a new level of access called Must Read which, like all levels of access, can be applied to users at department level. Giving a user Must Read access to the Chemical Risk assessments in a department means, as the name suggests that the user must read the risk assessments in that department and sign off that they have understood the contents.

Users who are now required to sign off that they have read risk assessments are then given access to the new Sign Off column in the search results tab.

Signing Off

Once a user has been setup, the task of signing off on the assessments is very simple. Through either the Product Search tab or the Assessments tab, the users will have the ability to firstly download an assessment and subsequently confirm that they have read it fully and understand its contents.

While a user will have the ability to Sign off on assessments in all areas of the organisation, assessments in areas that the user has been setup with Must Read access to will be highlighted in Red to inform the user that they must read and sign off on these.


Administrators will have the ability to run reports at any time to ensure that all users have confirmed that they have read and understood the assessments in their required areas.


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about how you can start using this new feature in your organisation, you can contact the Chemdoc customer service team on


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