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 Storage & Usage


It can be a time consuming and difficult task to record the quantities of chemicals used on site. Historically Chemdoc has been there to help with sourcing and storing SDSs, but we can now help with monitoring inventory levels. Our new storage and usage feature allows the user to add specific information on chemical storage amounts, containers types and locations. Monitoring quantity and storage information can help the following:

  • Improve chemical safety by not buying in more than needed
  • Prevent stock running out
  • Increased awareness around storage or chemicals

To access the Storage and Usage feature on Chemdoc, you can click on any products listed in a department.

Within the tab, you can then add in the following:

  • Storage amount
  • Unit size
  • General Storage details

Through our reports feature, you can view information added in the storage and usage section in an excel format.

If you are interested in more information on this new feature, please do get in contact with our support team at