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DCM Compliance have joined up with Limerick Sports Partnership and will be participating in the Company Relay Marathon Challenge for the second year in a row. The relay marathon will be taking place on National Fitness Day the 28th September. Everyone here in DCM Compliance are enjoying the lead up to the event.

On the 23rd of August we welcomed Mairead from LSP to DCM Compliance where she provided everyone with a 4-week training plan and gave us some tips for the Marathon itself.

Teamwork is an essential part to our success as a company which we all as employee’s enjoy. We are all looking forward to this teamwork challenge and to take the opportunity to encourage all our colleagues to do their best whilst having some fun. 

We at DCM Compliance have employees with all different levels of fitness but we all have the same goal in mind, to try our best and have fun doing it. Last year we came second last which was an achievement for everyone here in the company and we are hoping to improve on this again this year.

This year we have decided to get prepared with a few training sessions organised by the IT and Marketing departments. We are taking advantage of our location and training in great facilities offered by our neighbors, the University of Limerick. 

We wish everyone the very best of luck with their training and on the day of the event.

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