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Why We’re Different


Image result for green correct right pngPersonalised safety data sheet management

Image result for green correct right pngLocalised & relevant COSHH assessment builder

Image result for green correct right pngCustomised real time chemical reporting

Image result for green correct right pngTransparent and consistent pricing

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Chemdoc is created with you the end user in mind. The key differentiator is our personalised managed service that supports our easy to use chemical safety software.


Don’t take it from us

Here’s what our customers have to say about us

“We had a system previously but it had a lack of risk assessments & out of date or no SDS available. With Chemdoc we have an up to date SDS database and a fully customisable risk assessment module.”

Oliver Kearney

EHS Manager, Kerry Group

 Why Choose

Transparent and consistent pricing

  • No set up fees and no license fees
  • Clients are not locked into long term contracts
  • Pricing includes managed service & custom reports
  • No per user fees, all workers get access.


Personalised safety data sheet management

  • You let us know what chemical products you use in your organisation.
  • We contact manufacturers to source the current SDS on your behalf.
  • The SDS are distributed to your staff via the on-line application or mobile app.
  • Chemdoc recontact manufacturers ongoing to get new SDS sheets annually.
  • All the key elements in SDS is populated in your Chemdoc system 


Localised & relevant COSHH assessment builder

  • Design a template specific to the needs of your own organisation.
  • Easy drop-down builder is simple & quick for non EHS personnel.
  • Pre defined pick fields make adding data much quicker for the user.
  • Assessments pre-populated with classification information from SDS.
  • Document and revision control plus action management.

Customised real time chemical reporting

  • Customised Excel reports to match your regulatory/corporate compliance needs
  • List all products based on a single classifications (flammable)
  • List all products based on a specific risk (Pregnancy Hazard etc)
  • List all products based on a number of classification criteria (eg. CMR’s)
  • Run reports on the substances contained in the products in your inventory