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One of the most common questions we get asked here at Chemdoc is; does my product need a Safety Data Sheet?  The simple answer to this is Yes!  If your product is classified as hazardous or contains specific hazardous ingredients then you must have a SDS for that product. 

In fact, we would usually recommend having an SDS for all products as the document provides useful information on how the product should be used and stored.    In addition, risk assessments are required to be completed for hazardous products used by your employees. 

However, from our experience, products that are not involved in the main business function of an organisation may be ignored as hazardous to employees i.e. cleaning products, glues, lubricants etc. These products are usually brought into the workplace without reviewing the hazardous information or following the correct procedures for use of hazardous chemicals.  

Professional-grade detergents or maintenance products for the running of machinery are used every year in millions of organisations and with this, chemical risks are increased throughout. Well-designed operations for the use of these products that are appropriate for the site at hand are part of ensuring the continuity and safety of all operations throughout.

With all chemicals, the hazards do not alone determine the magnitude of the risks they cause, but the amount and use of the products have a strong impact on the level of risk to health, property and environmental. Continuous occupational exposure highlights health risks.

The importance of the risk management measures imposed by the legislation and the principle of substitution of hazardous chemicals apply to all chemicals in the work place, whether the product is the company’s main business or internal functions. Therefore, chemical risk management is the driving force behind identification of hazards. Chemicals in your workplace must be reviewed by you, the employer, to determine potential harm to employees.   Based on a risk assessment, health & safety personal must ensure that all procedures are put in place to reduce harm or replace the product with a better alternative.

Our system Chemdoc, allows us to collect the hazardous information from Section 2 of your SDS, input it into our database and display the corresponding hazard pictograms and hazard statements for your use.  The system also provides a completely customisable risk assessments module which pulls the hazardous information directly from your database.   

This allows you to keep track of any changes in one easy to access location without having to update offline registers.  You also have the security of knowing that your product SDSs are annually providing you and your employees with the most up to data information. 

Check out our previous article, Your Guide to Chemical Safety Training, for more information on how to identify and mitigate hazards associated with your chemicals.

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