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Safety Data Sheets

Store and manage your supplier Safety Data Sheets on Chemdoc. Distribute the most up to date version to your staff while all previous versions are archived.

Hazcom 2012

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard  also known as Hazcom requires that any workplace where a worker may be exposed to hazardous chemicals have a Hazard Communication Program.

Transport Classification

Identify the products on your site that are classifield for transport by road, sea and air under ADR IMD or IATA regulations

Chemical Labels

Create Chemical labels for use or transport at the click of a buttton with customers templates designed for your needs

Chemical Safety Reports

Access the critical information about the chemicals on your site in easy to use Excel or PDF reports

Mobile App

With Chemdoc mobile apps, you can access safety data sheets whenever and wherever you need to.

A wide range of chemicals are used on site and my role is advising on the safe management of chemicals. We had a system previously but it had a lack of risk assessments & out of date or no SDS available. With Chemdoc we have an up to data SDS database and a fully customisable risk assessment module.

Oliver Kearney

EHS Manager, Kerry Group

“I find the user interface intuitive which is very important if non safety people are using the system. When you search a chemical or look at the chemicals in use in the area it allows you to pull up the SDS and COSHH assessment easily. I also like that the Chemdoc guys manage the revision control of your safety sheets, which if you are working off excel databases or share-point falls back on the safety team normally to manage – a very onerous task.”

JP Bourke

Project SHE Stream Lead, Nestle S.A (Wyeth Nutrition)

“By using the Chemdoc service we can ensure that our SDS’s are reviewed annually. All SDS’s will be stored in easily accessible icon on desktops V current storage location. Chemdoc can allow for us to pull a chemical inventory and provide us with information required to ensure we are compliant with REACH requirements.”

Medtronic, EHS Department

Stay compliant with national and corporate regulations

Chemdoc is the ideal system to keep your organization in compliance with relevant national and corporate regulations. Be prepared for your next audit with all your chemical safety information in one place.

You can also use the system to view your suppliers who are compliant with the new GHS regulations for Safety Data Sheets and chemical labeling.

Save Time and Money

Don’t pay for and spend time managing separate systems for safety data sheet management, chemical labeling and chemical risk assessment authoring.

Take advantage of the data entry option available from the Chemdoc data analysis team and free up your qualified staff to work on the projects that are critical to your business.

Keep your staff informed and safe

Chemdoc is the easiest way to distribute the safety information about the chemicals in your organization to the staff that need access to it.

With no requirement for any specialist software install and a responsive design that works on PC and mobile devices, distributing the information is as simple as inviting a new user.

Try out Chemdoc for yourself