Hazcom 2012

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard also known as Hazcom requires that any workplace where a worker may be exposed to hazardous chemicals have a Hazard Communication Program. The program must include labels on containers of hazardous chemicals, safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous chemicals, and training for workers. Each employer must also describe in a written program how it will meet the requirements of the HCS in each of these areas.


Two key components to an effective hazard Communication Program include:

  1. Maintain Safety Data Sheets.
  2. Ensure Containers are Labelled


Chemdoc will provide for these two key requirements and much more as follows:


Source SDS.

Chemdoc will source up to date safety data sheets from your suppliers and request updated SDS once per annum.


SDS Available 24/7

Chemdoc is an online application and the safety data sheets available to your staff 24/7 through our online application using their PC/Laptop or mobile phone.



Chemdoc extracts the data on all the ingredients in your chemical products and compares them to International, national and regional hazard lists i.e.


Review and Approve SDS

All SDS will be reviewed and approve the SDS to ensure compliance with Hazcom 2012 and ANSI Z400.


Chemdoc will notify your employees through when a safety data sheet has been updated or when there is a change in the GHS classification.

Print Hazard Labels

With Chemdoc you can print both GHS and Transport labels in compliance with Hazcom, DOT, IMDG and IATA. These labels can be printed using a colour printer or linked to your own customised printing system.


Extract Data

Extract important information from the Safety data sheet i.e. GHS hazards and make them available to you employees.



Chemdoc will enable you to generate hazard reports on the chemicals used in your organisation i.e. list of chemical product classified as carcinogens.

Hazcom 2012

Chemdoc is a reliable as high quality online SDS and chemical safety management software with a distinguished Customer Service record and accredited to ISO90012008.