Search your entire inventory for product ingredient substances. Search by CAS number, Substance Name or EC Number.


View the registered and harmonised classification of all substances in the products in your inventory.


Compare the substances in your inventory against regulatory lists including the OSHA List of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Toxics and Reactives.

Data Input

The Chemdoc team will populate the database with the list of substances taken from section 3 of your suppliers safety data sheets.

Safety Data Sheets

Store and manage your supplier Safety Data Sheets on Chemdoc. Distribute the most up to date version to your staff while all previous versions are archived.

Hazcom 2012

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard  also known as Hazcom requires that any workplace where a worker may be exposed to hazardous chemicals have a Hazard Communication Program.

Transport Classification

Identify the products on your site that are classifield for transport by road, sea and air under ADR IMD or IATA regulations

Chemical Labels

Create Chemical labels for use or transport at the click of a buttton with customers templates designed for your needs

Chemical Safety Reports

Access the critical information about the chemicals on your site in easy to use Excel or PDF reports

Mobile App

With Chemdoc mobile apps, you can access safety data sheets whenever and wherever you need to.

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